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I am deeply grateful that we have people like you in our ministry who lead with your life, your heart, and your faith. Through your sacrifices and evangelistic efforts, you have played a significant role in our tremendous church growth at The R.O.C.K.! We have prayed for it, worked for it, and God is manifesting the results of our labor in powerful ways. I believe that the success of the "Kingdom Manifestation" Stewardship Mission is vital to the spiritual growth and development of our ministry, our families, and those whom God has called us to reach in our surrounding community. The time to complete our building project is NOW, and we must do it without financially encroaching upon our existing ministry commitments!

Ways to Give

We do not have the expectation that every member will make the same contribution, but we do hold the expectation that every individual who considers himself a covenant partner with The R.O.C.K. will sacrifice at the same level - the highest level possible. We will need the commitment and support of every person in order to achieve the goal of continuing the dream of our ministry and leaving a legacy for our children.

Give a Commitment (Pledge)

You can give far more when it is spread out over time. The Bible teaches that your faith and spiritual maturity develop through the habit of weekly, monthly, and quarterly, consistent giving. If you've never committed to a monthly auto, mortgage, or rental payment, certainly you can make a consistent giving commitment to God!

Give a Cash Gift

Ask God for creative ways to increase your gift. Consider extra income from savings, tax refunds, garage sales, inheritances, bonuses, an extra part-time job, reducing expenses, or deferring a major purchase.

Give a Gift of Assests

You can give real estate, stocks, bonds, coins, gold, cars, boats, etc. This is an easy way to leverage your giving to the work of ministry. Asset giving also allows you to take full advantage of the tax benefits the government allows. Please contact Elder Julia Floyd at The R.O.C.K. Administrative office at 281.824.4190 or e-mailing


So Let's Build a Kingdom Future!

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