Our Story

Moving with the Cloud

In May 2002, God gave Dr. Dana Carson a word: “The Cloud of Glory is Moving – Move with the Cloud!” This was a perplexing proposition given to a young pastor who had built a thriving ministry in the Austin area over the past 17 years. After all, he started the ministry with nine people in a small Austin-area home, and it had now grown to thousands of congregants on the membership roll. Even further, he had accomplished what no other ministry under African-American leadership – and many under majority leadership – had done in the city:

  • Built one of the largest facilities in East Austin, a massive $4 million, 48,000 SQ.FT. worship center and gymnasium/auditorium on 25 acres of land

  • Founded the ACTS Corporation, a social service organization dedicated to meeting the needs of those in the inner city with a special emphasis on athletic programs for children and youth

  • Established a Preschool, Elementary and High School, Printing Press, and a Full-time staff of over 30 employees

Nonetheless, confident that his ear was keenly attuned to the voice of God, Dr. Carson shared this word with his congregation and soon embarked upon a ministry campaign entitled, “Move with the Cloud!” for all members interested in making this move with the ministry.

Signing up by the hundreds for the “Move with the Cloud” campaign, over 300 core families of the ministry indicated their firm intentions to move to the Houston area as soon as they heard about the great opportunity. Excitement was in the air, and the atmosphere instantly became a buzz about stepping out on faith to make such a dramatic move. Further, once the media was made aware of such a phenomenon, Dr. Carson’s story began to be covered in various media outlets both near and far that documented this historic move!

Dr. Carson explained that God wanted to bring about revival in the Alvin area, the birthplace of the pre-Pentecostal movement. God was ready to use the ministry to challenge the racial issues that often go unaddressed by the Christian church today, and the congregants were indeed poised and ready to be used to bring about spiritual revival through multicultural ministry to the region. In June 2003, Dr. Carson permanently moved his ministry’s national headquarters from Austin, Texas to Alvin, Texas, renaming the ministry The Reflections of Christ’s Kingdom World Outreach International, locally known as “The R.O.C.K.”

The Reflections of Christ’s Kingdom World Outreach International of Alvin, TX has experienced traces of revival through its exponential growth, its transformation through the Kingdom message, and its multicultural appeal! Members of the community, both far and near, have heard of this anointed ministry and program offerings. The R.O.C.K. has developed into an international church organization that trains and plants churches with a Kingdom-minded focus. Several churches have been established as R.O.C.K. churches nationally in states such as: New York, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Georgia, and internationally, in countries such as: South Africa, Liberia, and the Philippines!

Taking the Kingdom to the Edge!

After serving the Alvin and surrounding communities as a real ministry with a real message to real people, The R.O.C.K. is tremendously blessed and encouraged by the awesome developments that have and are occurring in its midst. Indeed, God is now leading the ROCK into Houston! God has commanded the church to relocate to Houston proper and bring its Kingdom-centric message and culture to the city. The ministry, which had been trusting God for over two years for an expensive church campus with an hesitant seller, was recently blessed with an even better location off of Highway 45 and Edgebrook. After spending a week in nightly corporate prayer, the leadership and laity pressed into God to clearly receive the King’s specific direction on where to locate within Houston and to hear even the whispers of a “still small voice.” On the last day of prayer, the apostle’s real estate agent looked for church listings one last time and viewed a commercial listing for a church that had just been put on the market. This church campus included seven buildings on 10+ acres of land for less than half of the price of land in which the church was initially interested!

While this church will certainly require some loving blood, sweat, and tears to make ready, God not only directed the ministry to the “smarter” more cost effective purchase, but also the purchase that is more congruent with the ministry’s long term needs and development. Once again, as He has done at so many junctures in the young life of The R.O.C.K. and has done repeatedly over the course of Dr. Dana Carson’s 25+ years of leadership in ministry, God showed that when His people unite under anointed leadership and press into His presence, seeking His will and His face (and not just His hands), He responds in a huperekperissou manner (exceeding abundantly above – Ephesians 3:20). Or as the young kids today would say, “Turnt up!” Fifty years ago, maybe the term would be “far out” or “mind-blowing.” But despite how your generation would describe God’s huperekperissou manifestations, one thing is certain: at The R.O.C.K., the huperekperissou manifestations of God are a real phenomenon and a Kingdom expectation. The history of the ministry demonstrates time and time again that God is the same sovereign omnipotent King today as He was when He selected and used Abraham, Isaac, and Moses.

At The R.O.C.K., the misunderstood gospel of the Kingdom of God is being advocated and advanced in the same way that it was in the very first century of Christianity. The God of the Bible is able to manifest and be who He is: the great “I AM.” And the church is exhorted and taught to be “the church” – the place where we bring the people in, train them up, and send them out. Under the steadfast and dynamic leadership of Apostle Carson, the prevailing culture is – Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – Matthew 28:19. If you believe the Word of God and desire to maximize your Kingdom effectiveness, please join us! At The R.O.C.K., we have caught the vision of God, and we are making a difference!