Our Vision

Where there is no vision the people perish. The R.O.C.K. has a Great Vision. Our vision is:

  • Our vision is to build a Bible-centered, Spirit-filled, Community-building, Kingdom-minded church.
  • Our vision is to make an intergenerational impartation into children and youth through relevant mentorship and events and activities that prepare them for 21st century Kingdom leadership.
  • Our vision involves strengthening marriages and building strong families through sound biblical teaching.
  • Our vision involves total restoration of the self through our Kingdom Counseling Center.
  • Our vision involves identifying, training, and equipping Kingdom-minded leaders.
  • Our vision involves planting Kingdom-minded churches worldwide.
  • Our vision involves capacity building through educational institutions and entrepreneurial development.
  • Our vision is to preach the gospel of the Kingdom worldwide, utilizing every conceivable medium and technology.
  • Our vision involves making Kingdom disciples who value fellowship, continue in the Word of God, and make disciples.

Our vision is a reformational Kingdom vision! Our vision is your vision! Our vision can, will, and must come to pass! Join the REFORMATION and be the difference!

The 21st century has brought a set of spiritual challenges unknown to western society, but not the biblical context. The spiritual challenges of the modern day church demand that the church revisit its approach to ministry while not abandoning its biblical beliefs. The R.O.C.K. is up for the challenge and envisions a ministry that meets the demands of both the 21st century church and 21st century believers.

Our vision is to build a Kingdom-minded training center to combat 21st century biblical illiteracy. Our vision is to create a Kingdom Kidz World that evangelizes and disciples children from infancy to age 11 and a youth discipleship program that ensures that our Kingdom youth transition into young adult ministry successfully. Our vision involves preparing children and youth for a Kingdom-based life and ministry involvement that perpetuates the foundation of the faith that has been laid for them by previous generations. Our vision is to create a safe place for children and youth to enjoy fun, faith, fellowship, and fitness through our R.O.C.K. children and youth sports programs. Our vision involves ministry to the community by providing an after school-mentoring program that incorporates academics, business, Bible, and team activities in a safe and productive environment. Our vision will empower our children, youth, and young adults with 21st century technological skill sets that will help them to advance in ministry and in their personal lives.

Our vision involves outreach to colleges and universities to provide mentoring, modeling, and Kingdom discipleship. Our vision will assist young adults in discovering a Kingdom path for their life and ministry involvement. Our vision involves empowering believers to become effective Kingdom leaders and business owners with profitable businesses that support the work of ministry. Our vision involves providing a prayer line that ministers to people in their time of need and crisis. Our vision includes training Kingdom counselors and providing Kingdom-based biblical counseling for couples and individuals needing counseling ministry. Our vision will empower people worldwide with Kingdom knowledge, experience, and power through our three Kingdom-focused annual conferences and ministry workshops. Our vision is to start or plant R.O.C.K. churches worldwide in a 120 different countries and engage our church in foreign ministry travels.

We will provide a 21st century worship service that will reach the next generation for Christ and will be joyfully supported by tithes and offerings. We will teach Kingdom principles of family, marriage, and relationships that build a strong sense of community. We will raise up Kingdom-minded leaders, youth, and children! We will provide mentoring for youth and children through our sports mentoring ministry! We will incubate and launch Kingdom entrepreneurs and leaders through DCKM Leadership Development and Training Corp. Our vision involves economic and community development of our 221 acres of land for both profit and non-profit developments. We will build a leadership and training development retreat site where leaders are trained worldwide in church, community, government, and business. We will build a ministry that expands the Kingdom witness and power through proclamation, explanation, and demonstration of the Kingdom message through signs and wonders!

Our vision involves The R.O.C.K. becoming the place where people can come and experience ministry for the whole man – spirit, soul, and body. Our vision will take the Kingdom to the marketplace, government, education, community, and cyberspace. Our vision is a 21st century Kingdom church vision that will create Spirit-filled families, spiritually hungry children, on fire youth, and biblically mature believers! Our vision CAN, MUST, and WILL come to pass!